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This is Hans
Grüß Gott! Ich bin der Hans! Ich lebe in einem Vorort von München. Eigentlich arbeite ich bei BMW, doch meine Seele gehört ganz der Musik!
Hi! My name is Hans, I live in a suburb of Munich. Actually, I work for BMW, but my heart belongs to music!

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This is Bill
Howdy y’all! My name’s Bill. I’m a Texan, from the good ole US of A. I work out on a ranch. I just love country music. Stop by and see us sometime!
Linger on, we tell you more about the English language!

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This is Javier
¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Javier, y vivo en Sevilla, no lejos de las playas del Mediterráneo. Soy músico y me encanta el fandango. ¡Venid a visitarnos!
Hi, everybody! My name is Javier, I live in Seville not very far from Mediterranean beaches. I am a musician and adore the fandango. Come for a visit!

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This is Mario
Ciao a tutti! Sono Mario di Roma e faccio il cuoco in una trattoria a due passi dal Pantheon. Di solito i nostri clienti vanno pazzi per le mie specialità!
Hi! I am Mario. I am from Rome; I am a cook at a trattoria not far from the Pantheon. Customers rave about my specialties!

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This is Ahmet
Merhaba arkadaşlar! Ben Ahmet. İstanbul Beyoğlu’ da Hediyelik eşya mağazası çalıştırıyorum. İstanbul’un Sultanahmet meydanında gezip dolaşmayı çok severim.
Dear friends! My name is Ahmet. I live in Istanbul and work at a gift shop in Beyoglu. I like walking around Sultanahmet Square.

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This is Li Tsin
How do you do! My name is Li Tzin, I am a tour guide. I live in Beijing near Iheyuan Park. China is a country with a centuries-long history. Welcome to China!

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This is Mohammed
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته !أنا محمد من الإمارات العربية بانتظاركم في بلاد ألف ليلة و ليلة والسندباد البحري و شهرزاد وشهريار الملك. أهلا و سهلا لتأخذوا أطيب المذكرات الممتعة لا تنسي أبدا
Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of Allah! I am Mohamed from the Arab Emirates – the country of 1000 and 1 Nights, Sinbad the Sailor, King Shahryar and his wife Shahrazad!

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This is Gannusya
Вітаю! Я подоляночка Ганнуся, родом з Києва. Ми з батьками живемо на Хрещатику. Приїжджайте до нас, до барвистої, веселої, квітучої України!
Hi, I am Anyuta and I am from Kiev. My parents and I live in Kreschatik. Come and see us in our country with vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and warm hospitality!

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Notarized translation

Why is a professional agency highly recommended?

An unthinkable event: Your Brazilian aunt or Australian uncle has passed away to join the great majority. You have suddenly learnt that you have inherited a handsome fortune.

A real-life situation: You have reached agreement with your foreign partner and you need to finalize it in a contract that must be executed in two languages and notarized.

Notarial certification can be required for:

● personal documents of foreign residents;

● business documentation (contracts, constituent documents);

● educational documents for foreign universities and colleges;

● powers of attorney issued in foreign countries to a Russian citizen;

● written consent of parents permitting their child to travel to a foreign country. The document is usually submitted at the airport.

Why are services of a professional agency recommended for properly notarized translation?

The professional agency knows all the subtleties of translation and execution of documents for notarial certification. 

Most of the notaries public do not have sufficient command of foreign languages and cannot do professional translation. The notary public certifies the signature of the translator who he or she can trust personally.

If you have found a translator by yourself, you cannot verify the accuracy of his or her translation of your documents. You may have to look for another translator to confirm the reliability and authenticity of the translation.

Translit, a professional translation agency will:

● provide translation of your documents for notarial certification (the translation will be assigned to the competent and reputed translator);

● provide proof-reading of the translated text (the agency has an in-house editor and proof-reader),

● spare you the hassle of document notarization in compliance with the requirements of the relevant authorities;

● save you time that you would otherwise spend waiting in a long line to the notary public;

Just bring us your documents for translation and notarial certification. You may also send their copies by email. Then, you will only have to come to pick up the properly executed documents on the agreed day.  No need in wasting time on verification.


Elena Glushkova, notary public

There can be different situations in business or casual life when a formal document must be translated into another language. The translated document, in its turn, must be notarized so that it would be valid and legally sound.

Most of the notaries do not have sufficient command of a foreign language to be able to do professionally adequate translations; therefore, they use services of competent specialists. When the translation is ready, the notary public certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature.

Most typically, notarial certification is required in the following situations:

● when Russian residents go to another country

● when foreign residents come to study or work in Russia

● when Russian companies enter into contracts and partnership agreements with foreign companies

The notarized translation must comply with the requirements set by the relevant government authorities. First of all, it must be concise and precise; the text must be free of inconsistency and discrepancies. In addition, all the signatures, seal inscriptions as well as dates and names indicated in the source document must be properly translated or transliterated; the translated copy of the document must be free of erasures, overwriting or strike-outs.

An expert competent in notarized translation knows and observes all the applicable requirements to such documents – that is why it is not recommended that such translation should be entrusted to a linguist chosen at random or should be done on your own: At best, you will waste your time and nerves; at worst – you will miss an important opportunity.

There are certain rules applicable to notarial certification of translated documents:

● In the Russian Federation notarial certification is not allowed if the document is translated from a foreign language to another foreign language – the document must be translated into Russian and then – from Russian into a foreign language.

● A certified copy will be sufficient for translation of Russian documents, whereas foreign documents must be supported by original documents (the documents will be scanned and returned to the customer).

● Only the document translated in full will be notarized; the notary public will not certify part of the document.

● If a document consists of more than 1 page, all the pages must be securely bound and sealed.

● Translated documents to be submitted to foreign authorities, generally, must be apostilled or legalized by the competent consulate.

When you entrust translation to the Translit Agency, you can be absolutely confident. Within the years of our cooperation, the agency has gained vast experience in translation of documents for notarial certification, and I highly recommend using their services.

Over the time of our joint work, the Translit Company has approved itself as a reliable and professional partner who provides translation services right on time and with high quality.
R.M. Karimov, head of the Department for Investigation of Major Cases, lieutenant colonel of justice
R.M. Karimov, head of the Department for Investigation of Major Cases, lieutenant colonel of justice